L+F Wedding // Photobooth for #FideLeon Wedding: Phooth SG

Tuesday, December 30, 2014


PHOOTH! Get it? Photo and Booth = Phooth!

I've emailed about 6-7 photobooth companies to check for rates and compared package value before we settled for Phooth because their rates were simply way way way too attractive!

Their follow-up service is great too, Carol from Phooth was very clear and aware of the whole wedding timeline and followed-up with me periodically on the photobooth backdrop we wanted, our personalized photobooth printouts templates and what she and her team of 5 require on the actual wedding day so we could prepare and notify the hotel well in advance and we never felt  out of the loop or unaware of what to do etc with PhoothSG!

Thumbs up for Phooth!


Everybody seems to be having lots of fun with the Photobooth too, I was still wondering and asking Carol if I needed to prepare any of my own photobooth props and Carol assured me that they have plenty of props for people to play with on the wedding day and to be honest i was BLOWN AWAY by the amount of super fun props they had!

I've been to so many blogger events and seen so many photobooths and I'm almost always bored/awkward with the props provided, but Phooth had none of the boo boo boring signs props but really fun stuff like these!

I'm squeezing my hubbay's BOOBIES for a change while chugging BOOZE!!! Freaking love it.
This is the photo of the moment on my desk right now. hahaha

Oh the photo prints template was designed by James Chiam, and he designed a whole collection of wedding papergoods for our wedding as well and i'll be blogging about that separately!

My lovely (and ultra important if not i would not have survived the day) bridesmaids with Rilaaaa~

Of course it gets even more awesome that we hired a guy for my Rilakkuma mascot that Leon bought and hand-carried all the way from his concert tour in china and re-proposed to be with at Switch a couple month's back, everybody wanted a photo with the Star of the night hahaha Rilakumaaaaaa!

Lotsa booze chugging going on that fateful night, 3 of our groomsmen (1 of them MIA from this shot!), Jet and his little girl etc!

LOL our wedding band Ywenna + Fatt who's flaunting his titties but way to shy to show his face apparently!

With all my favorite girls!! (:

Seriously, every cent was worth it because for once I actually felt that the photobooth was super fun and awesome, everyone seems to be having fun too!

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L+F Wedding // Recommendations for easy to use online editors for Wedding/Childhood Montages

Friday, December 26, 2014


Hope you had a lovely Christmas day with your friends/family 
and hope you have a blast in the coming New Year!

So previously I shared the video from AlvinAdeline & Co that we played before our 1st march-in, but for obvious reasons (I'm so laaaaaaazy) and i didn't want an ugly vidoe montage that i would probably cook up with my nonexistent video editing skills. So I did research for some photo slideshow video editors online prior to the wedding for wedding photo montages etc.

I found this website that has these totally adorable and funny template that's super easy to use for wedding photos montage and childhood montages, if you're looking to DIY your montages and you don't want to fret about all the video "transition and filters" bullshit, 
you might wanna check out YouVivid (

It's not free but it's not that pricey either! And you literally just pop in your photos, choose your song and you're pretty much good to go. FYI, this is not an ad. Just simple a website i came across and thought it was pretty useful for brides/grooms-to-be who want a good looking video without the hassle! (:

We personally did a montage of all our pre-wedding photos via Animoto (, because we like the "cleaner" feel of the templates, we paid for one month subscription of US$39 since we wanted the videos to be in HD, there's the basic free account but your video length has to be like 30 seconds and it's web quality or something haha

We wanted to play this video throughout the wedding banquet so people who didn't get to see the photo albums can simply see the video and I wanted to share it with you guys too! (:

The montage includes the bridal ones taken in Singapore by AlvinAdeline & Co
casual engagement session taken in Singapore by EggBenedictChan 
and lastly the bridal ones taken by GaryChiu in Taichung.

♡ Love, TheLuckiestChick.

L+F Wedding // Instead of a Childhood Montage before our 1st March-in...

Tuesday, December 23, 2014


So for #FideLeonWedding, we thought that "childhood" montage wasn't really our thing, haha like how many wedding have you attended that when you're watching childhood montage you're like "WHAT?! WHICH IS KATE? THE ONE ON THE LEFT? MIDDLE?!" 

And after a 5 mins long vid you're left feeling all puzzeled like WTF DID I JUST WATCH? and eventually it's like kinda pointless to have the video at all isn't it? 
Like do people just do a childhood montage just to fill in the time between the emcee speech and the first march in? Unless it's done really well or like it's really funny, i guess?

But we were SUPER LUCKY because during our pre-wedding photoshoot with AlvinAdeline & Co, they arranged to have a videographer follow us around and shoot the behind the scenes too! 

And it turned out to be so so so good and we love it to death even though throughout the whole time during the pre-wedding shoot, the videographer never did ask us to purposely pose or do anything, i seriously have no idea how it turned out SO FABULOUS. Must be the AlvinAdeline & Co magic. Thanks guys! :D

So instead of playing a childhood montage, we played this "behind-the-scenes" video right before our first march in, sharing it here too!

Here are the series shot by AlvinAdeline & Co:

PS! If you're also looking out for your dream photographer for your upcoming pre-wedding shoot, AlvinAdeline & Co is extending a special rate exclusively to TheLuckiestChick's readers!

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T&C: Valid till 15 JAN 2015

♡ Love, TheLuckiestChick.

L+F Wedding // Videographer for #FideLeon Wedding: The Forever Films

Friday, December 19, 2014


Can I be shameless and say that I love our wedding highlights video? 

Hahahah Leon and I watched it over and over so many times when we first received it during our honeymoon in London (YES They edited the full day highlights and sent it to us like under one week after our wedding, we were simply so shocked to receive the link from Terry!) 

Thanks for the awesome job on the wedding video guys!
Here's the morning express edit, can't believe they did such a great job editing this within hours!!! 

Love it so much and it made me laugh no matter how many times i've seen it.

Seriously we were blown away by the morning express video while we peek in to watch it right before our 2nd march in, there were 2 videographers (Terry and Howard) and working with you guys was simply.. such a pleasure.

We definitely love The Forever Films' filming style as it's not at all like having gazillion cameras 
" in-your-face " like some videographers could be, so everything turned out ultra natural and we absolutely love it! 


Oh and i'm so glad we picked out Ken Hirai - Kiss Of Life for the video, I've loved this song since I was Primary 5 (hahaha from this japanese drama i was watching , love revolution i think?) and seriously, everytime i watch the video and I hear Kiss of Life playing, my heart feels like it's gonna explode! hahaha

All the songs that we picked out has a special place in my heart now, everytime i listen to them I feel like i'm transported back to our wedding day again. (:

First march in - At Last by Etta James
Second  march in - Put Your Head on my Shoulder by Paul Anka


Leon's brother Garett was like the best best best emcee ever, he was the only emcee and he was so funny and planned games stuff which i had no idea that was going on and he even went to contact JJ Lin & Lee Hom's management team to ask if they would send a video to congratulate us on our wedding, to be played during the wedding banquet and they both were so awesome about it!

The Forever Films also edited the videos from Lee Hom (ahhhh how i blush everytime i see his video!!) and JJ into our full day highlights so.. here you go!! :D

And seriously, you guys do such great work even in such an extremely short period of time!

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The Forever Films 
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♡ Love, TheLuckiestChick.

L+F Wedding // Afternoon tea with my lovely bridesmaids at Tea Bone Zen Mind!


Oh gosh i've been "away" from my blog for so long it feels almost weird to be back blogging! Finally #FideLeonWedding is over and we're back from our 18 days long honeymoon, love love love London and Zurich, but Paris is pretty much one big epic fail. I'll blog about that separately but for now i've got tonnes of wedding related posts to go through! (:


About 2 weeks prior to the wedding, I had an afternoon tea sessions with my 4 awesome bridesmaid and i brought them to Tea Bone Zen Mind, a secretive little awesome space that Gwennie introduced to me a couple years back on my birthday and it has always been on my mind and i've finally found the occasion to bring everyone there again!

This place is seriously cool and you literally won't know it exist even if you walk right past it because it literally don't even have a signboard! Even when i got there, i did a double take and was wondering if I was at the right place hahaha

I've only been to the previous Tea Bone Zen Mind 
before they moved here so it's quite a treat for me too!

Didn't get enough of teas? Or found the tea "of your dreams" during the tea sampling session?
You can literally tea shop to your heart's content with shelves after shelves of teas!

Aww So adorable! Instead of the typical boring kois, they have huge fatty bubbling goldfishes in the pond!

Our view from our tearoom

Here are my gorrrrrgeous bridesmaids, Carrie, Nadnut, Gwennie, Shirley!


Got some cute daisy studs (i have a pair myself too!) as a teeny weenie thank you for being my bridesmaids prezzie in these cute macaron boxes.

So basically I wanted to meet up with the girls to pass them their bridesmaid outfits, ClubCouture very kindly sponsored these hot pink customized off-shoulder top with a sweetheart neckline, i got them a gold waist belt each to "complete" the look!

Aww trying out their outfits to see if it fits!

oh their tea eggs here.. are to DIE FOR! Seriously, i don't think anybody would not finish the egg + every single last drop of that tea egg broth.

Muahaha feeling devilish as we plan our gatecrash gates, we came up with ideas and took it down and I typed it out when i got home and each of them picked one game to be in-charged off so it's easier! We did this for nadnut's wedding and i thought it was a really great idea rather than the hassle of everybody doing the games all together and headache about who to bring what prepare what etc!

PS: Not sure if you've noticed? 

But I was wearing the off shoulder top from Club Couture for my bridemaids, they were very sweet to pass me one too! But our shoulder straps have been adjusted since then so it fits better! (:

★ Eat: Tea Bone Zen Mind

98 Emerald Hill Road 

Contact: 63344212 
Hours : Mon-Sat 11 am -7pm 

By appointment only for tea sessions.

Went for steamboat + MacD ice cream and bitch till midnight with our future #Punggolians.

♡ Love, TheLuckiestChick.